Wisdom Evolution Trend

“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”

– T S Eliot


Wise men don’t need data

Wise men existed a long time before the first books, millennia before there was data. Which tells us that wisdom does not need data, does not even need information in the form of the written word. But wisdom does need knowledge, knowledge gained through experience and education, in the widest sense.

Data and information are in the realm of technology

As our technology and Information Technology in particular grows, so does the quantity of data, at a rate faster than we can handle. With the correct algorithms we can extract information from the data, and this is where technology is at its strongest.

Knowledge and wisdom are in the realm of the human

To turn information into knowledge you need the human mind, to derive value and meaning depending on context and experience. Knowledge can be built up. And then the challenge becomes to distil it, gain insights, obtain a deeper understanding.

Wisdom is making the best use of knowledge: applying perceptions, judgements and actions based on this deep understanding.

Akumen works in the wisdom era

Akumen is a world leader at distilling knowledge, giving you that deep understanding. We cannot make you wise, but we can help you move your organisation from the knowledge economy into the wisdom era.

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