“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

– Benjamin Franklin


Information is not knowledge

“Knowledge Management Systems deal with information … so they are a class of information system and may build on, or utilise other information sources.” – Wikipedia definition.

And this is the problem – today’s knowledge management in organisations is focussed on information, NOT on knowledge!

Knowledge needs mind

Knowledge has been defined as “familiarity with something, acquired through experience or education”.

what works

What works, what’s possible?

Information piled on information does not become knowledge – it needs the intervention of the human mind. The mind derives value and meaning from information placed in context.

Making intangible knowledge tangible

Some knowledge can be codified: written down or incorporated in systems and processes. The really valuable knowledge is held in the minds of the people in your organisation: unstructured, subjective, with personal meaning and values. This knowledge is best expressed anecdotally, as stories or perceptions.

Akumen is a world leader in working with this anecdotal knowledge. We distil it and present it in a meaningful way, such that the leaders of an organisation really can know the essence of what all their people know.

This gives them the best chance to act with wisdom.