About us

“There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men”

– Lee Iacocca


Whilst we think on cloud 9 we have our feet firmly on the ground

Akumen are pragmatic business people, we live in the business world grounded firmly in reality.

We have a deep understanding of how knowledge really works in an organisation. We know how to distil it and use it in proven ways to generate success.

cloud nine

Cloud nine

Our skills, services and tools are unique and cutting edge, however they have grown out of our experience as business owners facing real business problems. Our tools were created because we couldn’t find them, they were developed and proven in-house in our own businesses and now we offer them to other businesses and organisations.


Our purpose is helping companies and organisations connect to the collective mind of the organisation and its customers, gaining insight and realising the power of the knowledge that lies dormant, under-utilised, undervalued, by comprehending and using it.


Our passion is unlocking the true, hidden potential of an organisation and its people both internally and externally, for the real potential of our organisations is held within the minds of individuals who collectively are the company and its future.


Our vision is to enable organisations to make effective change for the benefit of all stakeholders not just the few.