Closing the say – do gap

Using metaphor to understand consumer behaviour


The importance of listening to customers

All enterprises go through phases. One of the more important of these phases involves recognising the importance of listening to the needs of customers. This phase inevitably, at some point, entails recruiting or engaging expensive marketing consultants to help run focus groups, gather anthropological information and, generally speaking, gather a lot of data in the hope that out of it will emerge the occasional nugget of insight.

Insight-led marketing

Many organisations find themselves in this ‘insight-led marketing’ phase of existence today. The race is on with competitors to see who can uncover the best insights. In many ways, once this competition starts, it is a sign that an industry sector is already approaching the end of the phase.

At which point, the poor old consumer tends to be either massively over-served by things they never really wanted, or missing things that they didn’t know how to ask for.

A new tool

Akumen have partnered with Systematic Innovation to develop a new tool which helps us understand what the customer would ask for, if only they knew how. Read the white paper here (opens in new window).

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