Robert Francis QC

Stafford Hospital scandal

Speaking at the publication of his final report in 2013, Robert Francis QC stated that the Trust’s board:

  • “was disconnected from what was actually happening in the hospital”
  • “failed to listen to patients’ concerns”
  • “ignored staff, who were discouraged from speaking out”
  • “did not review the substance of complaints and incident reports”

When a million  patients pass through the NHS doors every 36 hours, serviced by 1,400,00 staff, it’s not that simple!



Sir Bruce Keogh

The Keogh Review

In his review of the 14 NHS trusts with the highest mortality rates in 2013, Sir Bruce Keogh said:

“This review found that providers and commissioners are struggling to understand and take full advantage of the enormous and very rich set of data available on quality”


The solution to understanding patient and staff experience lies in PanSensic software from Akumen

View the video to understand how PanSensic makes sense of large volumes of patient and staff feedback.


PanSensic software and services have been designed specifically to connect leadership and management directly to frontline activity, in a way that informs the redesign of services.

By processing and analysing thousands of patient and staff experiences from multiple sources we can offer our clients:

  1. Bespoke qualitative dashboards    
  2. System insights and redesign
  3. Complex problem solving
  4. Experience based service redesign (using thousands of stakeholder views to redesign services)