“When you know better you do better”

– Maya Angelou


The “top 100 places to work” consistently out perform the top 500 companies by an average 9% extra return. They are last in to recession, first out. Why? Because they engage with their staff and realise the value of the corporate mind.

Below are some of the projects we been involved with over the past few years. All our clients benefit from Akumen’s unique insight into how knowledge works, allowing them to redesign, innovate and improve their businesses using the collective experience and knowledge of their people.

Stroke patient pathway redesign

A Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Portsmouth joint project 685 perceptions were collected from over 100 stakeholders to create a specification for the provision of Stroke Care Services on behalf […]


ADA Security Systems

“ADA has been around for almost 20 years now and in that time we have become one of the largest private security installation companies in Ireland. This hasn’t happened by […]


Manufacturers of Oceanographic Instrumentation “Over the last three years, we have doubled turnover and more than doubled our profitability, with barely a 10% rise in staff levels. Whilst our products […]



Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality During an 18 Month period for TWB, whilst their industry was in recession, Akumen engaged with the staff and used their […]

Devon Cornwall Business Council

To inform a future strategy for Knowledge Intensive Services using stakeholder feedback A European funded project to create a sustainable favourable environment for the development of Clusters of Knowledge Intensive […]