Stroke patient pathway redesign

A Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Portsmouth joint project

685 perceptions were collected from over 100 stakeholders to create a specification for the provision of Stroke Care Services on behalf of the healthcare commissioners. Stakeholders were spread over 4 primary care trusts, social services, patients, carers, GPs, consultants, nurses, social care workers, expert patients, managers and community groups. The perceptions were mapped and analysed to identify and define under-performing areas. Solutions were proposed and the requirements written into the specification.

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“Akumen have added significant value to the work we have undertaken in the redesign of stroke services in Hampshire. The challenge presented to Akumen was the collation and synthesis of stakeholder feedback from over 100 clinicians and managers, in order that this could be utilised in the development of the specification.

The rigour of their approach and the ways in which the data was presented enabled this to be achieved in a robust and satisfying manner. Their input helps us as commissioners to demonstrate World Class Commissioning competence in our handling of feedback from stakeholders.

In addition to their technical expertise, Paul and his team provided invaluable support in the face of tight deadlines and endless patience as drafts were re-worked again and again. They listened to our requirements and worked to those, and remained entirely flexible throughout the period of engagement. I would recommend their services to others similarly grappling with how to utilise the volume of feedback that comes from true engagement in service redesign.”

Philippa Darnton

Programme Manager, Service Redesign – NHS Hampshire