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World-leading text analytics to revolutionise your use of free-text feedback

Add the most advanced text and behavioural Natural Language Processing (NLP) analytics to your platform, application, and reporting

Powering a new generation of NLP insights

Transform human dialogue into high-value insights with fast, accurate results. Our software scans text-data, identifying emotions, sentiment, themes, and behavioural indicators. Use it to provide a previously unavailable level of understanding about your feedback groups.
Clients include
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Emotions drive behaviour and decision-making

Akumen's text analytics has the most advanced Emotion Analytics available. Use it to reveal a new level of evidence-based insight about behavioural drivers in your data

Act on accurate classification of user data topics 

Cross-reference Akumen's domain-specific experiential NLP models and indicators. Translate human experiences into quantitative evidence to prioritise, monitor, and drive organisational initiatives and improvements

Akumen's NLP models are:

  • Rule-based
  • Manually created & curated by diverse subject matter experts 
  • Accurate: 85-95%      
  • Sensitive: 75-90%
  • Built bottom-up from large domain-specific datasets
  • Entirely transparent
  • Continuously audited & refined to ensure suitability & reliability
  • New models & ontologies built upon request

We are Ethical-AI

The most accurate, sensitive, and reliable rule-based NLP models available across multiple markets, constantly growing and updated, ethically transparent and rapidly refinable to meet client requirements

Where we work

Unpacking patient and staff experiences, triangulating data-sources to remove blind-spots, transforming digital support of mental well-being 


Understanding levels of citizen trust and satisfaction, forecasting opportunities for proactive interventions, tracking local services demand drivers


Boosting employee engagement and brand, eradicating leadership blind-spots, ensuring organisational resilience and productivity


Monitoring brand loyalty, extracting service/product improvement and innovation clues


Delivered by our partner Web XB


How we work with you

Image of an API connection
White Label API

Akumen tagged-data fed into your decision intelligence system via our API

Image of some graphs and reports
Insight Platform

Full access to real-time and interactive analysis of your data via the Akumen insight app

Image of a woman consultant holding a tablet and arranging information for a report she is writing

Insight analysis reports and training delivered by Akumen’s expert consultancy service

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