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We support providers and suppliers across the healthcare domain. They use our advanced NLP software to extract money and life saving insights from the vast quantity of available text data. 

Informed clinical and managerial decisions made in healthcare organisations save lives. Less informed decisions put patients, staff, and successful service provision at risk.

Put Akumen's Patient, Staff, and Mental Health specific NLP software tools to use within your organisation or software.


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"Akumen has enabled an exponential increase in the level of understanding of NHS qualitative text data that we can provide to our Trust clients. This is a vital source of insight to help them design better healthcare for their patients and workplaces for their staff"

Mark Saunders, Product Director, CIVICA

Image of three patients smiling with emojis around them

Patient Experience

Track the complete patient journey, identifying existing and emerging issues at every stage

  • Analyse patient descriptions of their experiences

  • Maximise value of FFT, surveys, and web forum comments

  • Filter patient emotions and experience themes

  • Seamless and realtime integration via API

Staff Experience

Understand the experiences of healthcare

staff and how to improve them

  • Maximise value and learning from annual and 'push' staff surveys

  • Obtain new dimensions of understanding about your staff's lived experiences

  • Filter workforce topics against staff emotions

  • Seamless and realtime integration via API

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Data Triangulation

Triangulate multiple sources of organisational data to remove inefficiencies and leverage successes

  • Combine Staff and Patient feedback with all available free-text feedback - eg: compliants

  • Drill down analysis levels accessible by all relevant staff levels

  • Insights presented within quality assessment frameworks as required - eg: CQC

Mental Wellbeing

Improve self-help for at-risk patients, supporting clinical diagnosis and safeguarding

  • Analyse user/patient feedback against 180 themes describing Emotional, Cognitive, and Behavioural indicators

  • Inform  your triage process with a new source of insight

  • Integrate analysis of respondents mental wellbeing into your app or platform

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Picture of doctors working in surgery
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NHS Case Study
'Patient Experience' with CIVICA and North East Ambulance Service

How we work with you

Image of an API connection
API Integration

Akumen tagged-data fed into your decision intelligence system via our API

Image of some graphs and reports
Insight Platform

Full access to real-time and interactive analysis of your data via the Akumen insight app

Image of a woman consultant holding a tablet and arranging information for a report she is writing

Deep, insightful analysis reports delivered by Akumen’s expert consultancy service

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