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Obtaining a  nuanced understanding of demographic groups and their requirements is essential to create and implement initiatives that benefit everyone. Overlooking evolving needs and ingrained trends can lead to policies being met with resistance.

Our NLP software tools are used by consultants and local government organisations to boost the effectiveness and personalisation of their services based on user free-text feedback.


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Local Government

Report on all aspects of the citizen-customer's experience with local services. Suitable for analysis of UK, US, Australian, and NZ datasets

  • Measure and track citizen-customer trust and satisfaction scores.

  • Understand and forecast opportunities for proactive interventions

  • List, quantify, and segment local demand drivers

"The value of Akumen is their ability to provide their clients with ‘near-real-time’ insights on the emotions being expressed by residents on specific issues – which is hugely valuable when designing informed plans and effective messaging”

Matt Barton - Head of Strategy and Business Planning - Cornwall Council


Identify and measure all aspects of the visitor and audience experience at museums, events, and cultural sites

  • Reveal and prioritise opportunities for pre-visit, visit, and post-visit improvements

  • Measure and track funding ROI across experiential visitor categories

  • Identify and quantify the benefit of visits as social prescription 

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"Akumen's Audience-i software represents the next generation of visitor engagement reporting tools that will also drive successful innovation wherever it is used.

It's sophisticated emotional analysis and ability to dissect the whole visitor experience into is unique and revolutionary for our industry”

Phil Jones - Innovation Director - CMP Museums

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Film Festival Visitor

case study

How we work with you

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API Integration

Akumen tagged-data fed into your decision intelligence system via our API

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Insight Platform

Full access to real-time and interactive analysis of your data via the Akumen insight app

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Deep, insightful analysis reports delivered by Akumen’s expert consultancy service

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