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Akumen Whitepaper - Suicide and Self Harm Risk Assessment

How a digital suicide and self-harm assessment and risk formulation tool will dramatically relieve a £500 million bottleneck of people trying to access mental health services, through emergency services.

This document purposefully gives a holistic overview of an annual £5 billion problem which is being spent to support access to mental health services. The Emergency Services spend some £500 million per year on triage and response to patients who need access to specialist mental health services. It concludes and defines how a Hybrid Artificial Intelligence solution could offer the paradigm shift needed to dramatically change the status quo, which is both stuck, inefficient, and ineffective.

This paper is aimed at the Police, Ambulance, and Hospital Emergency Departments. It will also appeal to the wider system, in particular primary care and mental health services, and the relevant government departments.

Please download the Executive Summary in the link. For the full paper please contact us through our contact page.

Suicide and self harm risk assessment V1 exec summary v1
Download PDF • 223KB


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