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Press Release - Akumen working with councils to reduce suicide rates

Bude, Cornwall, 29th Sept 2022Akumen Ltd, a Cornish based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that specialises in extracting new intelligence about human behaviour from conversational text, announced today they are working with two councils on a research project designed to support a reduction in suicide rates.

Assisted by the Smartline Project, including the University of Exeter, the project is identifying existing and potential sources of human generated text (spoken or written) that will then be analysed by Akumen’s industry-leading AI-driven text analytics software.

Akumen’s software analyses the meaning, context, and knowledge held in small or vast numbers of individual comments to a new level of accuracy and depth. This will provide councils, healthcare organisations, and support networks with easy access to critical insights, helping drive more informed and effective decisions that support the well-being of all those who live in the county.

Paul Howarth, Akumen’s Founder, said ,”Our unique capability has been delivering life and money saving insights to NHS Trusts and other global healthcare organisations for over a decade. Our team is dedicated now to using our digital technologies to help reduce the truly tragic levels of suicide globally. This project will help us understand where the best sources of data exist which we can turn into valuable and hopefully life-saving insights.”

Likely sources of valuable data may include coroners’ reports, social media channels and message boards, complaints, and council feedback forms but only if they are accessible within GDPR, moral, and ethical regulations. The project will also be looking at new sources of feedback generation, including smart chat-bots.

Paul added ,“This important project is part of a larger programme of work that Akumen is undertaking to bring our unique emotional and behavioural hybrid-AI technology to bear in the fight against suicide. It both supports, and is supported by, our other projects, such as ‘EM’ the empathetic chatbot being developed for serving and veteran personnel both in the UK and US. All these separate projects lead to a highly scalable digital tool to support existing mental health infrastructure”.

About Akumen:

Akumen supplies it’s next-gen text analytics and behavioural insight technology to some of the largest organisations in the world to help them identify and extract strategic and tactical advantage from the vast quantity of human-generated conversations that occur every minute, 24/7.

Using a novel Hybrid-AI NLP approach, Akumen provides new intelligence streams for decision engines and analysts that remove blind spots, forecast outcomes, and empower decision makers with evidence-based insight. Started in 2004, Akumen provides its services across multiple domains, including Healthcare, Employee, and Community Analytics.

Please contact Rob Horton for further information.


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