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Akumen appoints new Chief Executive after 19 years of leadership from founder Paul Howarth

On Saturday 11th February 2023 Rob Horton took on the CEO role.

During his 21 years of clinical experience working within the NHS, Rob has built and led teams of healthcare professionals across a range of service innovations. As Director of Healthcare for Akumen, for the past year Rob utilised this expertise, insight, and network to steer design and deployment of Akumen’s healthcare products.

Akumen’s disruptive and advanced text analytics technology is the only AI-enabled emotion and psychometric behavioural insight engine that delivers a new source of actionable intelligence about historic, real-time, and future behaviours of stakeholder groups. It reveals new perspective and clarity that drives action, innovation, and improvement to our international partners and clients across multiple domains.

Paul led development of Akumen’s Hybrid-AI Text Analytics (HTA) engine from the inception of the company by teaching the machine advanced compositionality using, amongst other methods, human-curated ontologies and keyword-sets This has enabled a peerless capability in the scalable analysis of free-text datasets across sentiment, emotion, and behavioural indicators.

“What Paul has achieved in terms of technical and commercial innovation at the very leading edge of the text analytics industry is a measure of the huge drive, passion and truly inventive mind of the man.” emphasised new CEO Rob, “I’m honoured and excited to be leading the next stage of Akumen’s journey supported by Paul and the rest of the team. Akumen will be expanding further into the UK as well as the USA and Australasia, leveraging our established suite of healthcare products and positioning our new-to-market software solutions for mental health and community improvement”.

Paul takes up the Director of Research and Development role pioneering new ways to extract and visualise insights from free text data.


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